Did you know that Chermside has a fantastic network of natural bushwalking areas that are within a short distance from us here at The Chermside Apartments?

The Chermside Hills Reserves are an integral part of the “Mountains to Mangroves Corridor” which is a wildlife corridor that extends from the D’Aguilar Ranges to Boondall Wetlands and Moreton Bay.

The reserve consists of open eucalypt forest with more than 200 native plant species including grass trees, banksias, stringbarks, bloodwoods and spotted gums. Plus there are some unique birdwatching opportunities.

There are 115 bird species in the reserve. Look out for honeyeaters, treecreepers, pardalotes, fairy wrens, dollarbirds, rainbow bee-eaters, spangled drongos, grey shrike-thrushes, kingfishers, lorikeets, crested hawks and tawny frogmouths.

Chermside Hills is also home to a variety of mammals including swamp wallabies and some reptiles like blue-tongued lizards, goannas, water dragons, skinks and geckoes.

Enjoy a bushwalk through the Australian native forest with a range of walking tracks and trails to select from. To download a map see Chermside Hills Reserves track map. 

Afterwards enjoy a picnic or BBQ utilising the reserve’s great facilities.

The entrance to Chermside Hills Reserve is located at 412 Trouts Rd, West Chermside, less than 4 kilometres from us here at The Chermside Apartments. Make sure you check it out during your stay!

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